The Pros' Secrets to Getting Huge

Size Secrets From Your Favorite Bodybuilders

SIZE SECRET #7Unilateral Static Holds

TONEY FREEMAN: “This is a technique I use on nearly every unilateral exercise — dumbbell presses for shoulders, dumbbell curls for biceps, unilateral triceps exercises, leg extensions, leg curls. On dumbbell presses, for example, I’ll leave one dumbbell in the top position while the other arm is doing reps. I’ll do five reps like that, then switch arms and repeat, then switch back and do four reps with each arm, then three, two and one. So it’s 15 reps, but the time under tension is equivalent to 30 reps on each arm. I kind of let go of the standard banging out sets of 10 or 12 reps. Doing unilateral reps with the static holds incorporates more muscle fibers than standard sets because of the greater time under tension and helps stimulate more growth.”


ExerciseSetsRepsIncline dumbell presses2-315 per arm + static hold*Flat-bench dumbell presses2-315 per arm + static hold*Cable Crossovers2-315 per arm + static hold*

* Each set consists of one arm remaining in the top position while the other arm does reps of 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1. The right arm does five reps with the left arm in the top position, then the left arm does five reps with the right arm in the top position, and so on.


SIZE SECRET #8Leave Your Comfort Zone

EDUARDO CORREA: "“Most people do their exercises and sets inside a ‘comfort zone’ — meaning the workouts don’t require any extra concentration, effort or pain to execute them. When you stay in your comfort zone, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to see significant gains in size and strength. Leaving your comfort zone can entail anything from doing more difficult exercises, adding more weight to your exercises, doing more reps or adding intensity techniques to your workouts. I left my comfort zone when I started doing the same workouts with the same exercises, only heavier. It’s difficult because it requires more concentration and focus, but if you’re motivated it becomes an exciting and rewarding challenge for your body. You can do the same routine but with heavier weights and great execution, leading your muscles to exhaustion. It works best if you have a spotter to help you through the tough sets.”


ExerciseSetsRepsAlternating dumbell curls310-12Concentration curls312Machine preacher curls310-12Cable hammer curls315

NOTE: On every set, use as much weight as possible while still using strict form and hitting the prescribed rep counts.

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