The Pros' Secrets to Getting Huge

Size Secrets From Your Favorite Bodybuilders

SIZE SECRET #9Giant Sets for Giant Guns

DEXTER JACKSON:“I found that training arms [bi’s and tri’s] on their own, in one work- out, worked best for me and allowed for maximum growth. Training arms on their own — not with a larger bodypart like chest, back or shoulders — allows you to focus all your attention on them and lift the heaviest weights possible. The specific technique I used that brought on the most growth in my arms was giant sets. I would do one giant set for biceps and one for triceps, and do that four times through. Giant sets give you a great pump and are effective at shocking a stub- born muscle group into growing.”


ExerciseSetsRepsPushdowns48-10Dips48-10Lying extensions48-10Overhead rope extensions48-10


SIZE SECRET #10Isolate to Stimulate

STAN EFFERDING: “I’ve always struggled to build enough arm mass to compensate for my shoulders, which tend to overpower my arms. Even after working up to 225 pounds on straight bar curls for reps or 100-pound dumbbell curls, my arms still lagged behind. When I trained with Flex Wheeler, we tried a different approach and isolated the biceps by taking the shoulders out of the movement and increasing the rep range to put more blood in the muscle. When performing standing barbell curls, the bar no longer curled away from the body. Instead, we pulled the elbows back and the bar traveled straight up my body, perpendicular to the floor. This eliminated the shoulders from the movement and created a better squeeze. Dumbbell curls were changed to seated and performed the same way — elbows back and the weight traveling straight up instead of out in front of me. We also added a lot of one-arm machine preacher curls to isolate the biceps and squeeze each contraction without rocking the weight. This workout added size to my arms. They’re over 21 inches in the offseason now and growing.”


ExerciseSetsRepsStanding barbell curls420Seated dumbell curls420One-arm preacher curls421*

* The first seven reps are performed through only the bottom half of the range of motion; the second seven reps are performed through only the top half of ROM; and the last seven reps are full ROM.



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