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Jay Cutler - A Cut Above

IFBB Pro Jay Cutler is on a mission to regain his Olympia title. Won, lost, won and lost again, Cutler has four Olympia titles under his belt. Before he retitres, he's looking for one more to round out his career.

20.   Analyze everything. cutler won his class at the 1993 npc teenage nationals but lost the overall to branch warren. back then, he kept a log book so detailed he noted not just every rep and every calorie, but even the timing of bathroom breaks! he’d stopped logging by the time he turned pro, but has continued to carefully analyze his workouts and meals.

21.   avoid major shocks. Don’t ask Cutler for scary workout stories. He doesn’t have any reminiscences about 30 continuous sets of squats or giant set circuits that kept him hovering around a trash can, revisiting his protein. He never supersetted bi’s and tri’s until he couldn’t scratch his own head. He sticks to his training program, and that program has never included all-shock workouts from hell.

22.   Hit the angles. He learned what foot placements will stress various areas of his legs, what grips will best target sections of his upper body, and which exercises are most effective for his particular physique. Then he employs that knowledge to hit each body part from a variety of angles, with a particular emphasis on what he most wants to accentuate.

23.   Stay lean. Where are the photos of a fat Jay Cutler? Where are the shots of a “front butt,” or a doughy face as round as Charlie Brown’s? Don’t bother Googling. You won’t find any. Throughout his pro career, he’s always stayed within striking distance of stage shape. Fat is bad for business. Year-round cardio has kept the wrong sort of pounds from sticking, and that, in turn, has allowed him to better monitor his progress and more effectively diet down to excavate the fine lines.

24.   Improvise your training. He has a rough outline for how each workout will progress, but doesn’t follow a detailed script. Instead, he analyzes how his muscles are responding and chooses his tools accordingly. Often, he will pause mid-workout so he and his training partner(s) can review how many exercises he’s done and what he should do next. Every workout is a work in progress.

25.   Keep it fun. He doesn’t do any elaborate psych-ups before sets. He doesn’t scowl or stomp around the gym. Instead, he’s frequently smiling and joking with partners between sets. Jay Cutler takes bodybuilding very seriously—as a competitive pursuit, a lifestyle, and a business—but he also has fun. He never forgets how lucky he is to make an excellent living from something he loves so much.


• 1996 NPC Nationals As a little heralded 23-year-old, Cutler entered this, his first pro-qualifier. In winning the heavy class, he accomplished the rare feat of going pro on his first attempt.

• 2000 Night Of Champions In his PRO debut in 1998, Cutler came in a humbling 12th in the N.O.C. (Coleman won). Two years later, at 26, he returned to the N.O.C. and defeated 43 others, including Dexter Jackson, as he racked up his first of 15 pro titles.

• 2001 Mr. Olympia This “loss” launched him to legend status. He led Coleman after prejudging only to finish a controversial second. Suddenly, at 28, he was heir apparent to bodybuilding’s throne.

• 2004 Arnold Classic This was his third consecutive Arnold title. While he was denied the Sandow, Jay won the Arnold until he had nothing left to prove in Columbus.

• 2006 Mr. Olympia Finally, he ascended to bodybuilding’s summit by defeating his ultimate rival. The Coleman era was over. The Cutler era had begun.

• 2009 Mr. Olympia After he lost the O to Jackson in ‘08, many felt his best days were behind him. But when he regained the crown in ’09, he showcased his best-ever combination of size and striations.

“This is the first time we’ve ever sponsored an athlete or celebrity, so what better way to mark this significant milestone than to partner with four-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler?” says James Grage, vice president of BPI Sports. “This is the perfect opportunity for us to market our products in a way we never have before. Already Jay’s kicked off his Mobile Mansion Tour, visiting top retailers, signing autographs, and offering product information. This is just the first of many big things to come from BPI and subsidiary brands EXT SPORTS and IMAGE SPORTS.”

“Working with three sports nutrition brands gives me the chance to handpick the absolute best products that suit my training regimen,” says four-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler. “I’m not pressured to choose the best available solutions in just one product line. If you see me holding a BPI, IMAGE, or EXT product, it’s because I use those products every day. A good example is my pre-workout stack, which includes go from EXT Sports, build-hd from BPI, and vein from IMAGE Sports.”


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