H.U.G.E. Method: Build Bigger Hamstrings

Lagging hamstrings? Try these five leg remedies for bigger gains

3. LOW REPS Although most bodybuilders rarely do fewer than eight reps for hamstrings, Tom Prince frequently did sets of five to seven reps for hams, and his legs were bent by two of the best hamstrings in history. Sets of five can be a growing experience if the body has become accustomed to sets of 10. In our routine, precede each exercise with a warm-up set of 10 to 12 reps. For your working sets, use a weight that allows you to get five or six full reps before reaching total failure. For at least your final set of each exercise, either have a partner assist you with an additional one or two forced reps or pause for 15 seconds before doing two more reps on your own. 

4. SLOW MOTION Speed is one of the most underutilized weapons in a bodybuilder's arsenal. If you dramatically slow down an exercise, it can become a completely new way to stress muscles. For the exercises in this workout, take approximately five seconds to lower the weight and five seconds to raise the weight for each and every rep.



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