Q&A with Flex Lewis - January 2014

The Welsh Dragon on overtraining and his favorite place to travel

I’m confused about how often to train. I want to make sure I’m getting enough work to grow, but I don’t want to overtrain. What sort of training split do you recommend?

I changed my training split this year. Neil [Hill] has me doing more rest days. Now I train two days on and then take one day of. Before, I’d just keep training. I’d go 10 days in a row before I took a break. My training partners would be like, “We’re taking today of, right?” And I’d go, “No, let’s go train.” But the rest days have a made a big difference this year. I think the days you spend out of the gym you rejuvenate your mind as much as your body so you’re ready to give it your all the next time you workout.

You want to be charging back to the gym, fully ready to give it your all. If you’re dragging yourself into the gym just because you don’t want to be home that day, you’re probably not going to get your best workout. So, I can’t tell you what training split to use, but generally it’s best to train less often, not more often. As bodybuilders, we want to always do more, more, more. More weight, more protein, more workouts. Sometimes less is more. Try dividing your body into four workouts and then do two days on and one day of. That way body parts get worked once every six days. Then you can adjust from there if you need more or less work.

You’re a very frequent flyer. Where was your favorite place to travel to over
the last year?

I always love going to New Zealand. I’ve been there four times. I went there twice when I used to play rugby, and this year I went there for the second time as a bodybuilder. I’m always welcomed with open arms in Australia and New Zealand. They really have a lot of love for bodybuilding and bodybuilders. They had whole buildings with my image on it in New Zealand. It was amazing. I went to India last November with Rich Gaspari for the IFBB World Championships. I enjoyed my time there, but it was a totally different experience seeing all the poverty just outside the hotel doors. Still, they were such great people, and it’s a trip I’ll never forget. The people there just looked at bodybuilders in awe. People would just stop dead in the street, getting out of their cars with everyone honking, to take a photo of me. It was crazy, and I’ll never forget it. - FLEX

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