"Quadzilla" Paul DeMayo

Two of the Most Monstrous Legs Ever Seen

But let’s not end the story there. Let’s focus instead on his physique. DeMayo’s gargantuan legs were the first things people noticed when he burst on the scene in 1991, so much so that he earned the nickname “Quadzilla.”

His thighs were so thick in the outer and lower regions it looked like he was smuggling footballs under his skin. He was determined to not let his wheels overpower his upper body, but he refused to take the easy route of avoiding the squat rack. Instead, he trained legs as he always had while he toiled even harder to build a top half to match them. He nearly succeeded. Only his back lagged. In his front double biceps, his ginormous arms drew eyes from his legs. The story of Paul DeMayo is tragic in part because we, like he, never got to see how great his physique could’ve been. But what we did see was pretty damn amazing. - FLEX




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