Rise of the Machine

Shawn Rhoden's journey (and off-season workout) to success!

I remember when it was finally time to take the stage [at the North American Championships]. I was in the first callout. Then the head judge calls my number, tells me to step back. So I was back in line, looking at the other guys being compared. The whole prejudging went by, and I’m wondering why they didn’t call my number again. I started doubting myself, “What the hell was I thinking by trying this show?” Then they say, “Thank you all for coming, see you tomorrow.” I said to the guy behind me, “I can’t believe they forgot me.” He looked at me and said, “What’s your problem? You won the show! You came out, they took one look at you, and that’s all they needed.” He was right. At the finals, I won the overall and earned my pro card.

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