Rise of the Machine

Shawn Rhoden's journey (and off-season workout) to success!

Where I finished in the 2012 Olympia is a validation. After a conversation with Jay during which he told me to start acting as if I was already a Mr. Olympia champion, I literally started to think that way, that one day I’m going to be Mr. Olympia—I started training and carrying myself in that manner. So it was a stepping stone in that direction to finish third. After that, I felt like the future was wide open.

I had wanted to work with Chris since I turned pro in 2009. I knew he’d been doing the consultations with pros for a long time. He was the only guy out there before the others came along, but I figured I couldn’t afford him.The first thing he [Chris Aceto] said to me: “I don’t get too excited about working with too many people, but I’ve been dying to work with you.” I couldn’t believe it. Since 2009, I was wondering how to approach this guy, and he said that. He asked me when I wanted to start, and I said, “Today.” The first week we started working together, I said, “If I make the top six at the Olympia, I’ll buy you two tickets to Jamaica!” He replied, “How about we make that top three?” Well, he went to Jamaica in February.

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