Ronnie Coleman's 6 Favorite Mass Exercises

Why I like them and how YOU can use them!


WHY: For separation of each deltoid head, I train them individually. For maximum mass and width of my entire shoulder girdle, and for full development of my total deltoid caps, military presses are the only solution. A free-weight barbell proportionately spreads the stress laterally across the shoulder beam, as well as distributes it evenly from front to back. A seated position on an upright bench provides more pressing power. A machine barbell press distributes the stress across the entire width of the shoulders, but not from front to back. Dumbbells are good for isolating deltoid heads, but they do not yield the power of a free-weight barbell.

HOW: Use a grip just beyond shoulder width; not so close that your triceps do more work than your shoulders and not so wide as to prevent a full range of motion for your shoulders. Do not arch your back. Tighten your abs and your grip for stability and control.

This movement can be used in any order during your shoulder workout — first, middle or last — because no other exercise totally fatigues your shoulder-muscle complex. You’ll probably find that you are almost as strong doing these at the end of the workout as you are when you do them at the beginning.

I do four sets of 10-12 reps.


WARM-UP SETS: 2 sets; 10-12 reps

SEATED MILITARY PRESSES: 4 sets, 10-12 reps 

SIDE LATERAL RAISES: 4 sets; 10 reps

FRONT DUMBBELL RAISES: 4 sets; 10 reps

REAR LATERAL RAISES: 4 sets; 10 reps

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