Haney's Shoulder Cycle

Lee Haney's advice on periodically changing your workouts


I’ve been on the same basic program for about six months. Would it be OK to mix things up at this point?


Not only do I think it would be OK, I think it’s quite beneficial to periodically change your workouts. The term for it is “cycling,” and it’s something I employed in my own training throughout my competitive career. 

When you train the same way — using the same exercise, set and rep schemes — for a prolonged period, the body begins to adjust to the stresses it receives. The human body is an amazing machine that can adapt to a variety of external conditions, and training is really just an external condition that we put upon it. Without new stimulation, the body won’t grow bigger or stronger.

Therefore, it is a bodybuilder’s responsibility to provide new stimulation by way of a revamped workout — one that the muscles aren’t expecting. The idea is to kick-start the muscles into action by forcing them to respond to a new stress. Basically, it’s evolution at warp speed — adapt or . . . well, just adapt!

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