Roelly Winklaar's Delt Demolition Program

The Beast's shoulder training regimen for monstrous delts!


Building the perfect X-frame requires full, round side delts. Winklaar relies on an old standby, lateral raises, which isolate the medial head—but adds his own twist. 

The traditional method is to start at your waist and move up to shoulder height. But by turning the palms up and raising the weights from shoulder height overhead, you can further isolate the muscle, Roelly says. “By doing only traditional side laterals, you end up cheating toward the end by swinging the weight to shoulder height. Starting at shoulder height and moving overhead forces you to keep the muscle tense and work throughout the whole range of motion.” 

He first does traditional laterals for three sets, then overhead laterals for three sets.

HOW TO DO IT: Choose a weight you can handle without swinging it down. Start with your hands at your sides and, with your elbows slightly bent, slowly lift the dumbbells until your arms are parallel to the ground. One mistake to avoid is moving the dumbbells above shoulder height. “Any time you go beyond shoulder height on traditional side laterals, you’re relaxing the muscle,” says Winklaar. 

When you flip your hands around to do overhead laterals, begin with your elbows slightly bent and arms out to the side, then move overhead. You may need to choose a lighter weight when you first try these—they really make the shoulders burn!

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