The Top 5 Cardio Mistakes

...and how to fix them.



Many bodybuilders think they must wake up first thing in the morning and jump to cardio while their body is in a fat-burning mode with no food in their system. There is some truth to this, but running completely on empty first thing in the morning could be compromising your muscle mass.


  • If you do cardio first thing in the morning, avoid all forms of carbs, including slow-digesting fruit, whole grains and fast-digesting sugars.
  • Don’t compromise on protein. Having 10-20 grams of a fast-digesting whey protein shake before your morning cardio will save your muscle mass and will not compromise fat burning. Research from Japan suggests that the amino acids found in whey protein may actually enhance fat burning during cardio.
  • Boost morning cardio intensity without compromising fat burning by sipping on a sports drink, such as Gatorade, and spitting it out (don’t swallow it). One study from the University of Birmingham (Edgbaston, United Kingdom) found that when trained cyclists covered a certain amount of mileage as fast as possible while rinsing their mouth with a carb drink and spitting it out every seven to eight minutes, they were able to cover the mileage three minutes faster than when they rinsed with water. Increasing cardio intensity will boost the amount of calories burned during and after cardio. If you try this technique, rinse your mouth about every 10 minutes with a sports drink, and then spit it out. Of course, if you do your cardio indoors, bring a spit cup. FLEX




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