Training Mistakes Part 1

Critical tips for the bench press & deadlift.


  • A common mistake is pulling the bar straight up. It must be pulled into the body, toward the body’s center of mass. To help with this, chair deadlifting and bands from the front both pull the bar forward, so you must concentrate on pulling the bar toward you as hard as possible.
  • Don’t start with your legs too low. This places the hip joint far away from the bar, when biomechanically your hips must be as close to the bar as possible from the start of the lift through the finish.
  • If you feel the majority of the deadlift in any one muscle group, your form is incorrect. The work should be distributed equally between the legs, hips, and back.
  • Don’t use a suit that will not let you get into a proper squatting position.
  • Always open light. It’s not what you open with, it’s what you finish with.


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