Break the Plateau and Grow

Gain size and strength with these plateau-busting tips.

 6) Switch It Up 

Remember what we told you. It is important to shock the body in order to maximize exercise stress and adaptation. This can be easily implemented by switching the order in which you do exercises and by alternating exercises from week to week. For example, one week use dumbbells and the alternate week use barbells. Be creative!

 7) Keep Your Reps Low 

It is well documented that the greatest strength
gains are made using heavy weights and low reps (4–6). This is built into the end of a linear periodization program, and research has proved this to be an effective strength-building stimulus.

 8) Back To Basics 

In most gyms, you will notice that there are a lot of people doing exercises that seem complicated to execute and downright dangerous if done using heavy weights. These include standing on a balance platform while performing arm curls or lying across a ball while performing a bench press. Although these exercises may hold merit somewhere
in the fitness world, they are not for bodybuilders. Watch a powerlifter work out and you will quickly see that to build strength you need to incorporate specific power movements into your program. Tweak your program to include bench presses, deadlifts, and squats. These exercises are known to result in significant muscle damage, increased anabolic hormone release, and augmented strength gains.


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