The Animal Cage is Coming to the Arnold!

Once again the Animal cage and all it's craziness will be in the Arnold Expo. Come watch crazy lifts and competitions during the weekend

The Cage is coming. There is nothing else like it at the Arnold. This year we are taking things up a notch. The we have many world class lifting events, more than we have ever had before. Of course you can come by and talk shop with Evan "Ox" Centopani, Erik "House" Fankshouser, Frank "Wrath" McGrath & Vinny Galanti.

We will be listing the events from The Cage here in this thread with times and descriptions so you can come by and see the events that you want. It's going to be a wild ride all weekend. This year is the 30th anniversary of Animal Pak so we are doing it big. If you have never been to The Cage before you are in for a treat.

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