Branden Ray Trains Legs Off-Season at Venice Golds

B-Ray blasting them legs and following Noel Fuller's guidance as he preps to qualify for the Olympia

IFBB Pro Branden Ray now lives in the Los Angels area and calls Venice Golds his home gym. In this training video, Branden is working legs off-season in preparation for a contest at the end of this summer where he hopefully will gain an Olympia Qualification.

Brendan is a Betancourt Athlete and is a Flex Magazine representative. Branden is proud of working for these two organizations and is a driving force in his success.

In this video workout, Branden hits his quads at multiple angles taking advantage of all the machines and equipment here at Golds Gym. At his other place, all he would be doing is heavy squats. Branden is not a powerlifter and prefers to go after the quality as opposed to the quantity of weight.

His first column, Branden promoted on Facebook, and most people that asked question will be included in his column. So make sure you interact with Branden Ray on his Facebook Page.

Branden Ray Trains legs - Workout Video


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