Guy Cisternino Depletion Workout - Week from New York Pro

IFBB Pro Fakhri Mubarak takes Guy Cisternino through the ringer for the last few times in preparation for the New York Pro. Both feel on target!

Guy Cisternino One Week Out from the New York Pro

Fakhri starts off the training video by stating he's really proud of where Guy Cisternino is one week out from the New York Pro. In fact, Guy is eating more food now than he has been in the past few weeks.

Being a week out, they bumped up Guy's carbs and added more red meat. They just need to deplete a little bit of carbs and drop a little bit of water. Fakhri says if your looking spot on, why change much of it - don't mess up what's working.

Cisternino states this is the best workout ever for being one week out. Most bodybuilders tend to lower the weight in their last week workouts. Guy doesn't believe in that. He's feeling good, strong and motivated to keep pushing hard. Lot's can change in the last week. Guy feels that if he's only 2% off, it's noticeable so he can't leave anything to chance.

Yes, Guy is nervous. He's going up against Kevin English and Jose Raymond, but at the same time, Guy's mindset is "Bring it On." Cisternino ready, coming full steam ahead and he's going to take out anyone that stands in his way.


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