Nick Trigili Hitting an Arm Workout 16 Weeks from USAs

Lots of volume to grow is what we are talking about

Nick Trigili Trains Arms at Golds Gym for the 2012 USAs

Here at Gold's Gym, Nick cranks out an arm workout in his new and adopted home. Nick is working with Fakhri Mubarak for dieting and being trained by Charles Glass in identifying new angles and exercises to better grow.

16 weeks out, Nick's started his preparation for the 2012 NPC USAs. But start is such a bad euphemism because when you are a young bodybuilder, you don't stop. You adjust and keep moving forward, and that's what Nick Trigili is doing.

Fakhri and Nick only worked with each other for a handful of days before the 2011 NPC Jr Nationals. This year, they came up with an off-season game plan that incorporated more cardio, cleaner foods and high volume training.

Judging by this training video, it seems to be working!


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