Trigili 2013 Off-Season Back Workout

Back in the gym on a hunt for a pro card, Trigili hit's Bev's gym for a back workout

Trigili is in the middle of his off-season and looking forward to 2013. Taking us throw a back workout, Trigili takes us through lots of row movements. He Keeps the weight relatively heavy in the off-season as well as during his contest prep.

His workout started with lat pulldowns then went to a cable wide row and then on to a plate loaded machine.

Working out with Billy Parsells, a great friend and an excellent workout partner. Trigili and Parsells motivate each other and help each other out not only in the gym, but in the outside world as well. That's what a true workout partner is all about.

Next, Trigili went into a lower lat squeeze exercise. Trigili feels he needs to work on mid and lower back. Trigili and Parsells then finished off with close grip pulldown.

No decision on a 2013 contest as of yet. Trigilli may do the 2013 USAs to take back what was his or wait until the 2013 NPC National Championships.

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