Vaughn Ettienne Back Workout - Prepping for NY Pro

Aiming for that Olympia Qualification, IFBB Pro Vaughn Ettienne Cranking out a back workout

Vaughn Ettienne Prepping for NY Pro and Toronto Pro 212 Division.

In this training video, Vaughn Ettienne is taken through an intense back workout by Clifton Duke Smith at the Harper Fitness in Brooklyn.

At the beginning they did lat pull downs to loosen up the joints and to get the blood flowing. Moved on to incline chest supported t-bar rows, then on to seated rows with a lot of static holds, pause reps, etc. Ettienne not only did high repetitions but he also kept the weight heavy.

Coached by Fakhri Mubarak, Vaughn and training partner took themselves through a hight intensity high volume back workout

The name of the game is all about fullness and separation.

These Guys Went Heavy!


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