Vinny Que Training Legs for the 2012 Atlantic States

Trained by Fakhri Mubarak, Vinny has gone from middleweight to heavyweight and is struggling to make lightheavy for this season

Vinny Que is training for the 2012 Atlantic States in Bev Frances Powerhouse Gym in this video workout. First thing you hear from Fakhri, his trainer is, "He trains hard and trains intense!"

Vinny's been dieting for the last 10 weeks on low carbs, but yet he's still an animal in the gym cranking out heavyweights with 1,000lbs leg presses, etc.

The current plan is to compete in the 2012 Atlantic States followed by the  Jr Nationals and then the NPC USAs

Fakhri and Vinny have been working together for the past 18 months. When they first joined forces, Vinny was a Middleweight bodybuilding competitor. In that short amount of time, Fakhri's gotten Vinny up to and past Light Heavyweight. Now they are having a problem getting him down to compete as a light heavyweight and rightfully could probably step on stage in the heavyweight class!

The amount of food went up in the off season, and what amazes Fakhri is how Vinny's muscles are just popping out. With that said, Vinny's type of build requires low body fat in order to look good on stage. So, they have to watch the type of foods Vinny eats throughout his prep.

In this training video, listen to Fakhri on how they are cycling carbs and cardio -  moving things up and down during the week.


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