Winter Mass Part 2

The real deal on how to get big!


When it comes to lifting, science explains some of the basics quite well. The research is rife with studies on animals and humans explaining how strength and size hold a strong correlation to each other. It’s less ubiquitous when it comes to just building size; known in the lab as hypertrophy. However, there is ample evidence proving that the factors that control the continual process of muscle protein synthesis (MPS)—the way in which proteins are utilized to increase total muscle size—are controlled by how you train. That means one thing. It is on you to make sure that you hit every rep, every set, and receive adequate nutrition and recovery periods to do so. Furthermore, not all training sees similar results, and in fact, results are very specific to the stimulus itself. So, while training for strength certainly gives bragging rights, training for size has its own boast-worthy assets. While strength and size parallel each other, you need the intangible effects of training to make the separation and see your true size shine. 

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