Winter Mass Part 2

The real deal on how to get big!


In Part 1 we hit the strength big, focused on specifc muscles that help give the overall appearance of bigness, and built a solid foundation to support this next phase. Part 2 separates from the strength-size partnership and goes solo toward the hypertrophy end of the spectrum. Since hypertrophy is the scientifc name for size, this seems wise. So why didn’t we do this straight off? By increasing strength you build a foundation for which to lift upon. The stronger you are, the more you lift. Okay, you knew that. That also means that it is easier to lift lighter weights. Tell you something you don’t know, right? What if your previously lighter weights were now heavier? What if the weights you were struggling to get 8 reps for, hit 12 with ease? Or better yet, those 12-rep sets saw a 10–20% increase in their load? That means greater volume. Volume is the total amount of work you do. It can be measured by each set, over several sets, or your total workout or even your total week of workouts. By increasing volume, you increase size. And what is really special about volume is that its correlation to size pushes beyond that from where strength left off. That means that by building strength frst, then continuing with a size program, you get the best of both worlds—bigger and stronger.

The key to getting big is taking that newfound strength and converting it to help with size development. The strength-to-size conversion works a little like currency between countries. Go to some countries and you get a lot for just a little. Go to other countries where your dollar is weak, and you have to pay to get more. Don’t let yourself become weak, and your currency, in this case strength, is easily converted. So Part 2 of this mass builder, while focusing on size, will not let the strength deteriorate. And unlike a shred routine, where cardio is added and your pace is pretty quick, a good hypertrophy program still requires a little time and care, some strength training, and not too much fat burning. So whereas in Part 1 we actually increased body fat a little to aid in strength development, a goal for this program will be to slightly reduce body fat, but not eliminate it. Remember, the anabolic hormones like fat and tend to work a little better in a nondeprived environment.

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