Winter Mass Part 2

The real deal on how to get big!


Research has shown that high-volume training programs stimulate better release of testosterone, growth hormone, and other growth factors, and force MPS to step up its game. When looking to build massive muscle the major hormone is testosterone. It stimulates the anabolic environment and repairs damaged tissue. GH and IGF are the two hormones thought to help overall size and growth. Research has shown with convincing evidence that moderate-to high-intensity, shorter-rest-time, high volume activity promotes its maximal levels. The volume best associated with these hormonal responses is achieved by increasing your reps, shortening your rest times slightly, and increasing the number of sets and/or body-part-specifc exercises. If you remember from basic biology, every hormone has a specific function and a specific receptor to which it binds. The greater concentration of a hormone and the more receptor sites available, the more likely the hormone will have an effect. Since muscle-building hormones react to high levels of stress, if you’re not working hard, you are minimizing your chances of successful positive interaction. And guess what? Hormone concentration and receptor binding increases with training meaning that prolonged training effects (months to years) will have profound effects on your muscle quality.

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