Workouts To Go: Jackson, Williams, Abbaspour

Workout with the pros.
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Dexter Jackson’s Triceps Routine


Floridian Dexter Jackson placed fourth in the 2012 Mr. Olympia—his ninth top-four O finish. He sometimes does these three exercises as a triset. Jackson trains tri’s after bi’s once weekly.

Akim William’s Chest Routine

New Yorker Akim Williams placed fifth in the super-heavyweight class of the 2012 USA Championships. The cable cross-overs are done with a very slow cadence to extend the time under tension. Williams trains chest before biceps once weekly.


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Baitollah Abbaspour’s Quad Routine

Iran’s Baitollah Abbaspour finished third in the 2012 European Pro and competed in the 2012 Mr. Olympia. He includes standing or walking lunges in his pre-contest routine. Abbaspour trains quads with hams once weekly.



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