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Epic Olympia Showdown: YATES vs. RAY, 1994

Epic Olympia Showdown
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Watch as Dorian Yates continues his road to Olympia glory when he goes head-to-head with Shawn Ray for the Sandow in 1994.

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1994 Olympia Placements:

Dorian Yates (1)

Shawn Ray (2)

Kevin Levrone (3)

Paul Dillett (4)

Porter Cottrell (5)

Chris Cormier (6)

Nasser El Sonbaty (7)

Charles Clairmonte (8)

Andreas Munzer (9)

Sonny Schmidt (10)

Alq Gurley (11)

Aaron Baker (12)

Milos Sarcev (13)

Thierry Pastel (14)

Ron Coleman (15)

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