Who Will Claim the 2013 Arnold Classic Title?

Team AMI/Weider experts Dennis James, Chad Nicholls, and Fakhri Mubarak give us their take on whom to watch and who might surprise us all before the night is over at the 2013 Arnold Classic.

Ed Nunn


JAMES: The most overlooked guy of 2012. I’ve never seen him better than he was at the Sheru Classic and the Arnold Europe. He was so hard and dry, but didn’t get the callouts. But this guy is very dangerous; great structure with beautiful lines. His legs and arms are already there. If he can add a little more torso thickness, especially in the side poses, he’s gonna be crazy. If he can bring the condition he had last year and maybe a little more fullness, he won’t be overlooked. I really want to see him compared with Toney and Cedric. Talk about a battle of the big men! If these three guys are 100%, they can turn this show around.

MUBARAK: Ed is another tall bodybuilder with good symmetry and a small waist like Toney Freeman. Ed’s waist might be a little smaller, which is crazy. Ed has good size but I feel he needs to be a little bigger to fi ll out his physique. I don’t believe we’ve seen the best Ed Nunn yet. If he nails his condition he could break the top six.

NICHOLLS: I thought he should have placed higher at the Masters Olympia. He looked good, though he could have had better overall conditioning, but he also has a great structure that carries him in any lineup. If he could push his conditioning to the next level and keep things in check since the Masters Olympia and re-peak for this show, I see him as high as fourth place, but realistically fourth through sixth.

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