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We've got the exclusive shoulder training routine of Steve Kuclo, a step-by-step guide to bench pressing, and much more!

In this month's cover feature, we bring you the delt workout of the shoulder king, Steve Kuclo!

IFBB Pro Steve Kuclo shows readers how to bring up a weak pair of shoulders or make a strong set of delts even stronger with an onslaught of exercises you have to try to believe! “Having a monster set of delts gives you that crazy wide visual that can take you over the top,” Steve says, obviously speaking from personal experience. “If you have width, you’ll look 20 pounds bigger,"...and for bodybuilders, that's a dream come true. Learn how to develop all three heads of the deltoids and look impressive from every angle.

PLUS: A step-by-step guide to proper bench-pressing techniques, Shawn Rhoden's 2017 routine for a massive chest, Akim Williams' workout for behemoth biceps, contest prep advice to keep you progressing toward your ultimate goal of stepping onstage in the best shape of your life, and much, much more!

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