Ms International Results - Iris Kyle Wins Number 7

IFBB Pro Iris Kyle makes it win number 7 here at the 2013 Arnold Classic Ms International

Congratulations to Iris for making it win number seven! There was no doubt she surpassed her past marks by coming in super shredded and defying all laws of humanity. It's been a tight race between Iris and second place finisher Yaxeni Oriquen Garcia in recent years, but they now have a contender nipping at their heels--Debi Laszewski. (The Florida-based pro snagged second place finishes at the 2012 Olympia and 2012 Arnold.)

Final placements:

1st: Iris Kyle

2nd: Yaxeni Oriquen Garcia

3rd: Debi Laszewski

4th: Brigita Brezovac

5th: Cathy LeFrancois

6th: Angela Debatin

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