In the June issue of FLEX magazine, you’ll find a training, diet and supplement roadmap to help you add up to 15 pounds of new muscle mass in 12 weeks. It’s built for anyone who’s not happy with his current size and is looking for that elusive spark for advanced growth. Loaded with an arsenal of effective exercises and a complete three-phase meal plan, the “Mass Explosion” program is a step-by-step guide to getting huge.And those who get their issue now have the opportunity to win $4,500 worth of MuscleTech products, courtesy of MuscleTech, the number-one sports supplement company in the world today. The contest is simple: You send in your “Before” pictures, you complete the program, and then you send in your “After” photos, showing the gains you made by following the “Mass Explosion” regimen, all by the deadlines outlined in the rules. The editors of FLEX will then choose the ultimate champion.All the details can be found in the June 2006 issue, on newsstands May 16 -- it’s the one with six-time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates on the cover. Don’t miss your chance to transform your physique, and perhaps score a cache of free supplements in the process!

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