Figure Olympia Out First

The first Figure competitor, Michelle Adams, has just taken the stage; the athletes are coming out in their one-piece suits. Monica Brant-Peckham is out, looking amazing. She should be in the hunt for this title -- it may come down between her and Jenny Lynn. Will Monica finally break through and earn the top Figure title she's long deserved? After all the girls have taken the stage in their one-piece, the guys should be coming out for their individual free posing routines. With Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman reportedly neck-and-neck, they'll need to take the stage with a lot of energy. The question is, have either lost some condition, or on the other hand, made improvements to swing scores of judges their way? Meanwhile, almost had a suit malfunction on stage...the Janet Jackson moment was averted, however. She's gone backstage to fix her outfit, and now has retaken the stage.... Now the girls are doing quarter turns. Callouts are Monica Brant, Mary Lado, Amber Littlejohn, Jenny Lynn, and Christine Pomponio-Pate.That's a better callout than Mary Lado received yesterday in prejudging. Perhaps she will make the top five, something that didn't look likely yesterday purely based on callouts. Second callout is Gina Aliotti, Gina Camacho, Jennifer Searles, Amanda Savell, and Latisha Wilder. Third, Michelle Adams, Inga Neveraukaite, Valerie Waugaman, Nina Luchka, and Jessica Paxson-Putnam. Monica, Jenny and Amber come out for a final callout. Chances are, this is the top three, but what order is still a mystery. Any one of them could win without it being a shock.