Preparing To Defend The Title!

Now that I am finished traveling and promoting the Dexter Jackson Classic, it's time to really focus in on things, defending the Mr. Olympia title! But first of all, I want to thank Flex, Muscle & Fitness and Muscletech for sponsoring my 3rd DJC. I also want to thank all the competitors and spectators for making it such a great success! It was great adding the 202 this year along with the Pro Figure and congrats to everyone that qualified for the O. It was a whole lot of fun having Jay, Phil, Ronnie and Troy there also to guess pose, thanks guys! Now that pics have been posted and everyone got a sneak peak of us from guest posing at my show, now it's time for business! I've been dieting and hitting it hard of course. Winning an unexpected win of bodybuilding's most prestigious title, and defending it, are two completely different things! I am on track and making sure that I am doing everything and some to win a second Sandow. Things are good and I am blessed, my son Dexter Jr., is in his final year playing ball in college, can't wait to go to some of his games! Also, my daughter Maya just started back to school and I enjoyed watching her play AAU basketball this summer, shout out to her also. This sports thing is a family affair! Talk to y'all soon! The Blade