Danny Hester - Back - 6/28/10

Name: Danny Hester Age: 41 Height: 5'6" Weight 180 Profession: Fitness equipment designer/inventor. CEO of Danny Hester's G-Flex Company. Years training: 25 Date of entry: 6/28/10 * I train an average of 4 times per week. * I spend an average of 2 hours training per workout. * My favorite bodypart to train: shoulders * The bodypart I hate training: abs * I toughest part of today's workout was the bent over rows because you're performing a large movement using your core and works you cardio. Goals: In today's back workout I am mainly targeting the smaller muscle groups, which is why I'm not trying to use too much weight. I'm trying to isolate and feel it. I'm looking to take the biceps out of play and squeeze the smaller muscles. That way, when I hit a back double biceps pose, everything jumps out. I work on mass building more in the off season. I'm pretty strong with the back and my lat sweep I've never had a problem with. It more of the upper back detail that I need more of. I think that's because I go kinda heavy and do a lot of rows full range of motion in the off season. That gives me the nice sweep and the very low tie-in on my lats. So now I'm trying to focus more on getting ready for competition and getting leaner I'm trying to get the blood into the smaller muscles and make them work. Hammer pull-downs 4 sets; 8 drop-15 reps I like keeping my hips forward a little bit on the Hammer pulldown. That way I can stick my chest nice and high and take the lats out of it and hit the upper back; hit all the little upper back muscles. My left side is more dominant than my right, and the weight connected both sides. Because it has the individual weight on both sides, I am guaranteed that I am lifting the same weight on both sides rather than have one side take over. Machine Low Rows 4 sets 10 drop - 15 reps This is hitting the mid-back. You're seated and there's a pad in front of your chest and you can adjust the length of it, and that way you can get a really good stretch. The pad sort of pushes on your chest making sure you're not able to go forward with your lower back. So you're always in the upright position. That way your lower back doesn't take over when you're leaning forward because the pad stops you. But yet you're able to really pull and target the mid-back. The angle it comes down on is prefect because it comes in a little arc which starts high and then comes toward your lower lat. It is very similar to a dumbbell row except you are using both arms and it keeps your chest from going forward. Dumbbell single-arm dumbbell rows 4 sets, 10 drop-15 reps This I like because you are really able to twist your body and stretch it more. On the machines you are little more straight; your shoulders are straight; with the dumbbell rows you are able to twist your body so you can get the full extension of the lat. And then when you pull the dumbbell up you are able to twist the opposite way and get even more of a squeeze on the lower tie-ins. SUPERSET: Behind-the-neck pulldowns AND seated wide-grip cable pulldowns 4 set, 10 drop - 15 reps Here I was supersetting the behind-the-neck pulldowns with the regular seated wide-grip pulldows to the chest to hit the detail. The first one, the most common one, is to pull the wide-grip to your chest which gets the overall back and gets the blood flowing in it. and then I would burn out by putting it behind my neck and not pulling all the way down because it's not that great on your shoulders, and jsut letting the smaller muscles pull instead of your lats; I was letting the upper back muscle pull and it's a short range of motion. Seated wide-angle grip pulldowns Bent-over rows with Hammer machine 4 sets, 10 drop - 15 reps I like the bent over rows with the Hammer Strength machine. A lot of people do shrugs with it but I like to use it and get a wide grip and lean over and get a nice lift, and I can get my back involved similar to a deadlift but with a wide grip and a little more range of motion than a deadlift because I am able to take it up higher and the arc of it is great because you get that squeeze that you can't get with a regular barbell deadlift so I am able to come up a lot higher and still have the force come straight rather than up and down. Reverse pec deck 4 sets, 20 reps A lot of people do it sitting more upright. I try to lean forward a little bit more sorta like you're on a surf board and I put my palms facing my back just like I was driving through the water on a surf board. And that really hits the mid-back and all the detail. Bending your elbows a little so you don't end up using your triceps and make a nice round movement and really squeeze the lower lat and upper back all the way up from the beginning of the rep to the end of the rep. Machine pull overs 4 sets, 20 reps Machine pullovers are a little more comfortable than the laying down and performing dumbbell pullovers. It's a little bit safer and you can go a little bit heavier. Plus, you don't have to worry about your wrist giving out and dropping the weight on your face if you don't have a spot. When you're really trying to burnout the muscles and it forces you into a position to arc which when once you get your seated position right you can hit it over and over again as far as not having to change the angles or anything; just focus on that movement and it really gives you a great burnout right under the armpits, in the upper lats, and also it works your serratus; opens up your ribcage and makes you a little more broad especially if you take a nice deep breath when youre stretching and blow out as youre coming down. Low cable cross over 4 sets, 10 drop - 15 reps On low cable crossover rows, I make each handle I cross them over into X, and that way you get the resistance pulling from opposite sides rather than just straight so you are havingt to open up with your elbows and pull it which gives a nice squeeze on the lats and it really stretches it on the beginning. Bent-over dumbbell lateral raises 4 sets, 10 drop -15 reps Bent-over db later targets the rear traps and just the detail in the mid back and it's a good way to just finish off and not going to heaving using a little momentum and making sure you get a little bit of a squeeze on the top.