IFBB North Americans 2012

August 31, 2012 | 
Pittsburgh, PA


Women's Physique

  • Gunning for that Pro Card! Back and Shoulder depletion workout 4 days out from a big show. Can Nick Trigili dominate for his pro card?
  • The Women at the North Americans Without really telling who will show up, we wonder, who is going to surprise us all, and who will walk away a Pro in Pittsburgh at the North American Championships?
  • Breaking The Law on Leg Day Leg Day for the North Americans. Cranking out some serious weight to maintain size while dieting for a bodybuilding contest
  • Training for NAs Tad Inoue is seeking redemption at this year's 2012 IFBB North Americans after a poor showing at the 2012 NPC Masters
  • FInal Workouts Leading into a Hunt for the Pro Card In this video workout, NPC Amateur Nick Trigili reviews his final days preparing for a contest and what a workout is like in those final days
  • Chest Workout for North Americans In this workout video, NPC Amateur and physique competitor takes us through a chest workout with IFBB Pro Fakhri Mubarak


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