9 Tricks to Look Bigger Instantly

Maximize your size with these nutrition and supplement strategies.


This is one of the most popular amino acids among mainstream consumers, but not because of its potential to help add mass. Taurine is the highlighted ingredient in drinks like Red Bull (the Latin word taurus means bull or ox), where it’s touted as providing long-lasting energy. But whereas the boost in
energy you feel from taurine may be minimal, its ability to help
you put on size is anything but negligible.

WHY IT WORKS: Taurine is another amino acid that gets stored in muscle cells and pulls more water into them to blow up the muscles even bigger, especially when coupled with glutamine and creatine. Plus, taurine boosts muscle strength and endurance for more intense workouts to get you growing more in the long run.

DO THIS: Take 2–3 g of taurine with your preworkout and postworkout shakes for optimal muscle filling.


Athletes typically think of potassium (one of the key electrolytes in sports drinks like Gatorade) as a replenishing nutrient, not one that produces any noticeable bodily improvements. It’s time to change that way of thinking, as potassium can certainly help you get bigger in quick fashion.

WHY IT WORKS: Potassium is stored within muscle cells, where it work to enhance cell 
 it too will help pull
water into your muscles. The effect is more pronounced if your potassium levels are low. If you eat a typical bodybuilding diet and limit your fruit intake, the chances are good that potassium supplementation will work well for you.

DO THIS: Take about 500– 1,000 milligrams of potassium as potassium aspartate, potassium gluconate or potassium citrate two or three times per day with food.


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