9 Tricks to Look Bigger Instantly

Maximize your size with these nutrition and supplement strategies.


Glycerol is known primarily for forming the “backbone” of molecules of triglycerides, the primary fats in our diet. But for the bodybuilder looking for every last ounce of mass, it can do even more.

WHY IT WORKS: Glycerol has strong osmotic properties, meaning that it attracts and binds large amounts of fluids, such as water. By attracting more fluid in the blood vessels and the muscles, glycerol enhances the volume of the muscles and the blood vessels, helping you look bigger and fuller. It can also help to prevent dehydration and help to control your body temperature when you exercise in the heat. Research shows that glycerol works best to fill
up muscles when taken with fast-digesting carbs, a lot of water and creatine

DO THIS: Take 30–40 g of glycerol along with 10–15 g of fast-digesting carbs, such as dextrose or Vitargo, 3–5 g of creatine and 48–72 ounces of water. If you have no stomach problems with that amount of glycerol, you can increase your dose to 60–80 g along with 20–30 g of carbs and the same amount of creatine and water for maximal volumization.


Nitric oxide boosters typically provide arginine, which gets readily converted in the body to NO. NO boosters also provide a host of other ingredients, such as Pycnogenol or ginseng, that catalyze the conversion of arginine into NO, as well as ingredients that reduce the breakdown of NO, such as horny goat weed (Epimedium).

WHY IT WORKS: The point of increasing NO levels is to relax the blood vessels that feed the muscles. Relaxed blood vessels are wider in diameter, which means more blood flows through them to the muscles, increasing their volume. With agents such as glycogen, creatine, glutamine, taurine, potassium and glycerol stocked up in the muscles (assuming you’re following the aforementioned tips), this greater delivery of water will be quickly pulled into the muscles for maximal swelling. Greater blood flow will also deliver more glucose to the muscles to create more muscle glycogen.

DO THIS: Follow dosing instructions on the label and take your NO booster both in the morning and about 30–60 minutes before training. – FLEX