Six Ways to Kick Your Metabolism into Overdrive

Dial in your best physique ever.


Dense muscles increase metabolic rate and burn more calories—there’s no argument against that. I realize telling an experienced bodybuilder that he needs thicker muscles is a bit of a no-brainer.

But while bodybuilders are certainly large in girth due to the normal processes of hypertrophy (increasing size), there is still considerable inactive material, since muscle is comprised mostly of water, which doesn’t have metabolic activity. It is to that end that increasing the contractile protein thickness within the muscle is a must to help elevate your metabolic threshold. Research clearly indicates that strength training with lower reps and higher weight will improve the overall thickness of the contractile elements of muscle.

Thus, adding a few strength phases within your long-term hypertrophy program is a must. About every 3–4 months, it’s advised to hit a month of old-school strength training where you do 4–5 sets of six reps with as heavy a weight as you can handle. Tough it out, get stronger, and watch your metabolic rate soar.


While strength is dictated by heavy sets and longer rest schemes, and size is generally categorized by a slightly quicker pace and higher rep range, by keeping your workouts constant at either end of the spectrum, you create normalcy. Remember, metabolism likes normalcy, so it can slow down and relax.

To prevent your metabolism from winning the battle, changing up the tempo midstream during a workout or alternating pace every other workout can be an effective tool to help overcome the staleness. You don’t want to do this haphazardly nor too often, as you don’t want to vary too far from your main goal. so add a fast-paced component to your routine every third or fourth workouts in one of these two ways. One, drop your rest time down to 30–45 seconds for a few sets of each exercise. Two, pick up the pace of the reps and  try to hit 12 reps in 10 seconds. be careful with the second option, as you still need to control the weights. by moving a little quicker, you get a metabolic effect that is similar to a supercharger on an engine.

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