Six Ways to Kick Your Metabolism into Overdrive

Dial in your best physique ever.


Spicy foods have been proven time again to help accelerate metabolism primarily due to the capsaicin in the spices, so throw in a little extra heat. Lean proteins, especially fish, seem to have a potential for boosting metabolism over regular consumption. Make some kind of fish a regular part of your diet. Citrus fruits carry natural components like synephrine and naringin, which have been shown to mobilize fat, accelerate metabolism, and even help with appetite suppression. Kick up the fruit in your diet and help your metabolism get back on track.

Cruciferous vegetables (like broccoli and cauliflower) have powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory responses that may improve your metabolic profile. The downside is that those same vegetables can cause gas and stomach discomfort, so don’t overdo it. Of course, a food discussion with respect to metabolism shouldn’t forget that eating smaller meals more often and staying away from junk foods that high are fat and sugar should both be a must. Overall, your diet will affect your metabolic rate as well as your waistline.


It’s been well established that supplements can up your game in almost every aspect when it comes to building muscle. The same is true with improving metabolic rate. Besides the standard protein, amino acids, and creatine that should accompany your workouts, there are a few other things you may want to consider during those tough times when the diet becomes highly restricted. Caffeine, in tolerable doses up to about 300mg, is a staple in most fat burners because it works. Green tea extract, both with caffeine or without, carries a high level of EGCG, which has shown to be very effective at helping mobilize fat, improve weight loss, and carry powerful antioxidant aspects, making it a good choice for fat burning. Shoot for 150mg or more per day to get a solid benefit.

There are many herbs that claim to have benefits at increasing metabolism through various mechanisms, but many are still under investigation. Several of the natural diuretic products on the market not only help decrease your water, but also carry extracts that promote increased metabolic firing. But perhaps the most important thing you can do when it comes to supplements is give your body help with building muscle through muscle protein synthesis. This is best achieved by providing ample amounts of protein, amino acids, or bioactive peptides to your post-workout drink. Missing this component of your training will cause you to lose out on valuable recovery and building components that will affect your ability to build solid muscle and thus they will decrease your ability to improve your metabolism. FLEX