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The workouts, diet, and supplement routine that will make 2018 Arash Rahbar's best year yet.

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The Dymatize Nutrition products that help Rahbar craft his classic muscles.

In 2017, Arash Rahbar officially became a sponsored athlete for Dymatize Nutrition. Emphasis on “officially,” because for years prior he’d been taking Dymatize products with no affiliation, simply because he liked the supplements.

“First and foremost, I’ve been taking Dymatize’s whey protein since, I don’t know, probably my early 20s,” says the 37-year-old Long Island, NY, resident. “I wasn’t necessarily looking for a sponsor. Luckily, I’m not a starving artist, or a starving bodybuilder. Frankly, there are a lot of new supplement companies out there that don’t really rub me the right way. I wanted to feel confident in the quality of whatever products I was going to endorse, and I didn’t want it to be a case of me telling people I’m taking something I’m not taking. But I really do take the Dymatize products. They’re a great, great company. They’re very supportive of me, and I think we’re a really good fit together.”

Here, Rahbar offers a rundown of the specific Dymatize products he relies upon most for recovery, results, and maximum performance:

  • PRE W.O. PRE-WORKOUT: “I take the pre-workout year- round. I do one scoop now, but in contest prep I took 11⁄2 to two scoops before workouts.” 
  • ISO100 100% WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE: “This is by far the best-tasting whey protein I’ve ever had. Usually, a rule of thumb for me is that high-quality protein doesn’t taste great. The ones that taste really good are concentrates, but they kind of bloat me and upset my stomach. But this is a hydrolyzed isolate and a whey isolate—that’s it. It tastes phenomenal. “It actually serves as a dessert for me. That’s how good it tastes. I make various desserts that I post on my Instagram. One of my favorites is ice cream—I make ice cream out of it with water and ice and cinnamon. “I’ll have a scoop or two of ISO100 after I train, and some- times I’ll have it as my last meal. If I have a sweet tooth, that’s pretty much my go-to. Also, when I do cream of rice or oatmeal, I’ll put the ISO100 in there after it cooks, and it’s insane. It tastes like a dessert or pudding. My favorite flavors are Peanut Butter, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Cinnamon Bun.”
  • AMINO PRO AND GLUTAMINE: “I take these two all the time. This morning I did cardio, and I had two scoops of glutamine plus two scoops of Amino Pro along with it.”
  • CREATINE: “I take creatine throughout the off-season but not leading up to a show.”
  • SUPERMULTI MULTIVITAMIN: “I take the SuperMulti daily with meals to make sure I’m getting all the micronutrients I need.” 


How to eat like a classic physique athlete.

“What I eat changes from day to day,” Rahbar says. “I usually go higher carbs on back and leg days, because I want to improve those areas.” To get an idea of his favorite foods for building muscle and staying lean year-round, here are Rahbar’s main carbohydrate, protein, and fat sources:

  • PROTEINS: Egg whites, salmon, chicken, steak (lean cuts pre-contest, like hanger steak and 98% lean ground beef; fatty cuts off-season, like boneless short rib).
  • CARBS: White rice, sweet potatoes, cream of rice, oatmeal.
  • FATS: Salmon, fatty cuts of steak, nuts (cashew, almond, macadamia), nut butters.


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