Kai's 10 Big Back Principles

Kai Greene explains the 10 principles of his unorthodox back training.


Another purpose of Greene’s warmup trisets is to feel how his various muscles are working together. This helps determine which exercises he’ll select and in what order he’ll perform them. Before he enters the gym, he has a rough idea of how the workout will go. As he warms up, it comes into focus. “I’m not doing the warm ups just to go through the motions. I’m focused on the task ahead of me. I’m taking a mental inventory, to work my back from the top of my traps all the way down my spine to just above my glutes.The feedback I get from my body determines what exercises I do and in what order I choose to do them.” Lately, he’s been selecting more rows (mostly for thickness) than pulldowns and chins (mostly for width). This is because his low-hanging lats fan out like a golf umbrella. He doesn’t need more width, but he wants more upper-back density.

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