Mass-Making Machines

Do not ignore the power of a good machine.

Ian Spanier


This exercise is performed on the pec deck but with the torso facing inward toward the back pad. I absolutely love to use this movement to torch the posterior delts, and it has really helped fill in my entire mid/upper back with highly separated muscular detail. I also enjoy the fact that I can go real heavy for lower reps (six to eight) and still achieve an intense peak contraction on every rep.

VALUABLE VARIATION(S) Set the seat higher or lower in order to engage varying sets of motor unit pools throughout the rear delts and upper back. If you want to more powerfully engage the mid-traps, then bring the elbows back as far as possible as if trying to touch them behind your torso.

Pavel Ythjall


Although I tend to switch off between the lying and seated leg curl from workout to workout, the standing single­ leg curl is my final movement at just about every hamstring session. Not only am I a huge advocate of unilateral exercises in general, but what I particularly enjoy about this one is how it feels similar in effect to concentration curls for biceps.

VALUABLE VARIATION(S) Try pointing rather than flexing the foot while doing your reps for a completely different feel.


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