Mass-Making Machines

Do not ignore the power of a good machine.


Not every gym has one of these, but let me tell you— they really should! There are few movements that isolate the upper lats and teres major so completely, which really helps manifest back width directly under the armpit. The seated pullover is definitely one of my top three preferred exercises for creating an impressive (and classic) V­-taper.

VALUABLE VARIATION(S) You can bring the seat slightly higher or lower to get a somewhat different feel when doing these. But always make sure to go from full stretch to contraction. Try super­ setting the seated pullover with lying dumbbell pullovers for a pump you will never forget.

Chris Lund


Because of the position of the elbows (pulled back by the ears), overhead extension exercises recruit the long head of the triceps (which is also the one with the greatest mass), which is precisely why I always include some form of them in my upper- arm workouts. However, when performed with a cable rather than a barbell or dumbbell, you will get not only a great stretch but also an equally strong peak contraction—creating an even strong anabolic response.

VALUABLE VARIATION(S) I recommend performing this movement with different bar attachments, such as a V, straight, and/or cambered bar, or a rope handle at each triceps workout. You can even do this exercise one arm at a time by simply grabbing onto the end of the cable.


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