The insults flowed like whine (not a typo) at the 2005 Olympia press conference today. The lead image of this story shows Gustavo Badell climbing on a table to challenge reigning champ Ronnie Coleman “Right here and now.” Ronnie declined with rejoinders that included among others, “He ain’t in my league.”

When asked about the new IFBB advisory and the big belly syndrome, Dennis James replied, “If they want the belly smaller what I do is make the shoulders wider -- it’s the same effect.”

For a full photo review of the 2005 Olympia press conference, click the gallery link below.

Press Conference Gallery

Ronnie Coleman as he did in the October issue of FLEX named Victor Martinez as his successor. Now, will that be Saturday night or what? FLEXers who have seen Victor nominate him as the real surprise of this year’s event.


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