Shoulder Smackdown

An intensive routine designed to crush those caps and reignite growth.

Per Bernal


Next, pair a seated barbell press with more laterals in a superset. You might struggle with the seated press, due to the pre-exhaustion of your middle delt head. But that’s the point—just knock down the weight accordingly, pyramiding up from 12 reps to 10 to eight to six for the final set.

When pressing, engage your core and use a full range of motion, bringing the barbell down right in front of your nose and touching down to your clavicles, then pushing up to a point just before your elbows go completely straight.

You’ll follow each set of presses immediately with raises, running the rack back down, starting one set of ’bells down from where you did your eight- to 10-rep set, and striving for momentary failure each time.

Jason Breeze


From there, you’ll repeat the same pattern, this time with bentover dumbbell lateral raises and seated dumbbell presses. You’ll begin with four straight sets of raises, beginning with 16 reps, then 14, then 12, then a final set of eight to 10 with a heavy enough weight to elicit failure. Follow up with presses in a superset with more bentover raises—again, pyramiding up on the press and back down on the raise.

For dumbbell presses, you’ll want to work through a complete range of motion, bringing the ’bells down alongside your ears at the bottom and to nearly full elbow extension at the top. They’ll naturally arc toward each other on the way up. But don’t let the plates touch as you reach the top of each rep, which can dissipate the tension on the muscles.


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