Size Matters

25 tips for getting huge!


“More than any other exercise, squats grew my legs. I love to squat. I go up to 600 pretty much every workout. And I don’t use [knee] wraps or a belt. I feel like they restrict my movement and prevent my tendons and joints from getting strong along with my muscles.” —Akim Williams


“I’ve never been into powerlifting. I don’t even do deadlifts. I do like squats for legs, but I don’t go really heavy. To me, a lighter set of 15 reps is a lot harder than a heavier set of five reps. It’s the same with leg presses. It’s a lot easier to do 10 than 30, even though the weight is lighter for the 30. So it might look like I’m training lighter, but I’m really training harder.” —Dennis Wolf


“The most important lesson I learned from my injury was to take all the proper precautions. Always warm up, always pyramid up to your heaviest set, and don’t always go all out with maximum weights for maximum reps. In the long run, the best thing you can do to keep growing is avoid injuries.” —Zack Khan 

19. BE FREE 

I mostly use machines for legs and back, and those are the most basic machines, like the pulldown and the leg extension. I prefer free weights because of the freer range of motion. Barbells and especially dumbbells make me work harder to balance the weights, and the best workout is the harder workout.” —Alexander Fedorov


“When I was young I got into going really heavy and training DC-style [Doggcrapp], and I definitely think that had advantages for building a foundation of strength and size. But it’s also easy to get burned out with that mindset. I think most people can get big just using moderate reps and moderate volume and making sure they get all their meals in.” —Steve Kuclo 


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