Return of the Wrath - Video Interview w/ McGrath

IFBB Pro Frank McGrath returned from a near death accident to compete again

I was there when Frank McGrath made his return to stage at the 2011 PBW Championships in Tampa. Mcgrath was shredded and took third behind Marius Dohne and Hidetada Yamagishi. He carried that conditioning into the 2011 mr Olympia where Mcgrath took 16th.

It was a tremendous accomplishment considering most had written the Canadian bodybuilder off the competition lists after his car accident. Here's an excerpt from his January 2012 Flex Magazine Cover Story:

He turned to see the Ford emblem—the one in the center of the grill—coming at him like a punch he could never duck. And then came the sickening roar of metal collapsing and glass shattering and, thankfully, an air bag inflating, and the Jeep Cherokee that Frank McGrath was driving spun its way across the snowy street.

The crash should’ve ended his life. It -likely would have if not for the muscles—the fleshy suit of armor—he’d spent 20 years expanding. If he had died then, McGrath would’ve gone down in the annals of bodybuilding as another “What if?”—the enigmatic star of popular ads who never fulfilled his tremendous potential. But because he survived, he was determined not to waste another day, not to squander any potential, and never to wonder “What if?” Before the crash, Frank McGrath was on cruise control. Afterward, he went into overdrive.

Here's the interview with Frank McGrath by Universal Nutrition:

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