Roelly Winklaar Beast Routine Video

The Beast made a great comeback in 2012. Struggled to get his footing, qualified for the 2012 Olympia

The Beast, Roelly Winklaar, is a compact muscle machine. I've had the pleasure of filming an intense workout in his gym in Rotterdam at the start of 2012. He's got an intimidating frame but has to be one of the most humblest men to be around in this sport. Eager to work or help out, Winklaar is all business in the gym.

Grandma, Sibil Peeters, is always by his side providing the guidance and encouragement required to workout and prepare for the bodybuilding season away from home. When Roelly drove me back to my train, I asked why he lived such a Spartan life in Rotterdam when he could be home in Curacao, the best translation I could get was, "the people there have their own pace."

If you watch the BSN Workout video below, all you see is one pace; the pace required to get huge, lean and mean in order to dominate on the IFBB Bodybuilding stage.

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