John Meadows Back Workout for North Americans

In this video workout, NPC Amateur John Meadows takes us through his Mountain Dog training doing some crazy and intense back exercises

Video by Jeff Sygo - Interview by Larry Brown

Meadows, a current NPC national level competitor, has been bodybuilding since the age of 13 and thought adding some extra muscle to assist him in track and football would help him excel in those sports.

“I woke up one day and saw my dream of being the next Carl Lewis wasn’t happening and neither was being the next Barry Sanders, so I stuck with bodybuilding,” he said. Meadows progressed through the ranks winning state shows in Ohio and winning the NPC Collegiate Nationals while in graduate school. He has also placed top five in the NPC USA Championships and IFBB North Americans.

“I have been around for awhile,” he said and added that he was never one to compete year round and had to selectively pick a show or two due to family obligations and his work in corporate America.

Meadows inspiration in the sport of bodybuilding came from “The Golden Eagle” Tom Platz. Platz, 3rd place finisher in the 1981 IFBB Mr. Olympia, was the one bodybuilder that Meadows wanted to model himself after.

“I went to a seminar of his when I was a teenager and he started talking about golgi tendon organs, sarcoplastic reticulum, and all the cool “sciency” stuff,” he said. He added that Platz had a good business mind and thought outside the box in regards to training.

“He saw training the same way I did which is like a religious experience to me,” he said.

Meadows was also one of the few bodybuilders to cut their teeth at the famed Westside Barbell, a powerlifting gym ran by Louie Simmons located in Columbus. The gym boasts members who can squat over 1000 pounds, bench over 700 and deadlift over 800.

“ Louie is awesome, I learned so much from him. Not just training methods, but training philosophy,” he said.

He said others came to him inquiring about Simmons system, but Meadows knew that Simmons didn’t follow a system at the time Meadows was at Westside.

“Louie said that if he gets stuck in a mindset, his lifters wont get better,” he said adding that he and 1995 Arnold Classic Champion Mike Francois were able to hang with the big boys at Westside.

“Louie respected that we could get down with some weights like Chuck Vogelphol, Dave Tate and all the other animals there. It got crazy in that gym,” he said.

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