Tim Liggins Trains for 2012 Nationals with Ken Jackson

NPC Amateur Tim Liggins is taken through the paces by IFBB Pro Ken Jackson in preparation for the 2012 NPC Nationals

Tim Liggins is a social worker from Kalamazoo, MI. He's been bodybuilding seriously for over 7 years and is looking to culminate his amateur career at the 2012 NPC Nationals.

Liggins has competed at the Jr Nationals, North Americans and the Nationals but has yet to break into that top category of NPC Amateurs.

But that was then!

Liggins is looking swole and sharp as he's taken through the paces of a chest workout by trainer and mentor IFBB pro Ken Jackson.

Let's see if all that training and dedication will pay off this year for Liggins.

I sincerely wish him the best.

~ Videography by Jeffrey Sygo

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