Robert Youells Chest Wokout

Rob has been this close twce this year in turning pro. Follow Rob's Chest Workout driving by IFBB Fakhri Mubarak.

In this video workout, NPC Amateur Rob Youells is taken through a chest workout driven by trainer and guru IFBB Pro Fakhri Mubarak.

As Mubarak explains, Youells came close this year attempting to gain his IFBB Pro card on the bodybuilding stage, but he couldn't get the full cooperation of the judging table. Striated glutes and a great structure, it seems that the only thing missing is a bit more size for his structure.

So here Youells is cranking out an intense chest workout bringing up weak parts while maintaining the strong ones as he decided whether or not to try again at the 2012 Nationals or wait until next year.

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